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An Appeal for Help for a Good Woman in a Bad Situation

In the interests of full disclosure, I want to tell you that this appeal is on behalf of my roommate, Renee Reedy. Renee is a 51-year old woman who has spent most of her working life as a nurse and … Continue reading

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Book Promotion and Marketing, Part the Second, and the next Terry Rankin novel is in the works

The time I have spent recently (the last six months of my life, actually) in marketing and promoting the Kindle versions of my novels has resulted in greater reader awareness, and that always results in an increase in sales (provided … Continue reading

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On Marketing and Promoting Your Work

I am a member of a few writers groups and follow a few writers’ blogs, and have been for the last several years. One of the more serious questions facing writers (new, old or middle-aged, experienced or beginner, it makes … Continue reading

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What’s in a book, really, or a movie, for that matter?

Images. It’s all about images, and it all starts with the author. Or the author’s intent, at any rate. When we write, we attempt to create an atmosphere in which to tell the tale (happy, weird, scary, romantic, dangerous, etc) … Continue reading

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