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Free download of “The Big Bend” for your Kindle , 15 & 16 Feb, 2013

I’m trying out a few new tactics with this giveaway to reach a wider audience for my novels. Please do repost this as broadly as you can. Any fellow authors who are interested in the what and the why and … Continue reading

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On the Importance of Character Development in Novels

It’s simple, really; novels are about people, not plots. The plot of your novel enables you, the author, to illustrate how people behave in different situations. Dashiell Hammett ( ), perhaps one of the greatest modern detective writers in America, … Continue reading

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Write what you know

Or do a lot of research. Then write what you know. Then learn how to write well. And that starts with writing; good bad or ugly, competent or all in a muddle, it all starts with writing. And then a … Continue reading

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