An Appeal for Help for a Good Woman in a Bad Situation

In the interests of full disclosure, I want to tell you that this appeal is on behalf of my roommate, Renee Reedy. Renee is a 51-year old woman who has spent most of her working life as a nurse and massage therapist in hospitals and senior care facilities.

Until, that is, her Type-1 diabetes (she uses an insulin pump to manage her blood glucose levels) allowed the development of Charcot Arthropathy ( in her left foot, and the bones started to work their way through the bottom of that foot. She has lost the ability to hold a job, is now unable to walk without the use of crutches, collecting Social Security Disability, and actually looking forward to have her foot amputated.

Renee is not a quitter, though, as you can imagine, she is somewhat depressed and tearful at times. This is a woman who has worked hard (and played hard) most of her life. She loves horses and keeps 2 beautiful Arabians on her 10-acre ranchette. But she can no longer ride, cannot stand long enough to brush them, and doing the feeding twice a day results in even more pain.

She is on medication for the diabetes (she uses an insulin pump to manage her blood glucose levels) and for the pain that accompanies Charcot, and she absolutely hates what is happening to her. Last Friday night I had to call the EMT’s to have her transported to the Intensive Care Unit, where she spent six days and nights in utter misery. Many of her organs shut down until the docs got her system stabilized enough for her to return home.

Those days and nights gave the opportunity to rethink her situation and come to a decision; if she is ever going to have her life back she will have lose her left foot and learn to live with a  prosthetic. At least with that she will be able to get her job back as a nurse and massage therapist.

So that is her goal.

Which is where you and your friends come in to the picture. Renee has set up a ‘crowdfunding’ page at . I am asking you, from the bottom of my heart, to visit her page and come to understand her situation much better than I can explain it.

Once you do, please contribute what you can and pass the link on to your friends. I have shared a home with this woman for over six months now (and saved her life on several occasions due to the brittle nature of her diabetes). She is a good woman in a very hazardous situation, and now, since she can no longer work, has very limited resources.

But Renee is not a quitter, and with the few thousand dollars she is asking for, she can have a chance to put her life back together and get back to work as a nurse, helping other people heal.

Fellow bloggers, please consider reposting this for me.

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