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“Hog “Valley” is a wrap

I finished the final round of editing on “Hog Valley” early this afternoon. The MS, with all of the add-on’s such as the Dedication page, Acknowledgements, Author’s Note and the first pages of the next novel, “Twisted Key”, runs to … Continue reading

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A Little Bit Of Everything

The eye surgery on Thursday of last week went splendidly, thank you very much. I was in surgery for about thirty minutes in the morning, and ready to get over to the motel in Gainesville and lay down the minute … Continue reading

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Time and tide…

Or perhaps it should be ‘Time and Resources’. I’m either writing, researching, editing, or selling. Or sitting back and wondering which hat I should wear next. Of the four tasks above, my least favorite is selling. Because it’s not just … Continue reading

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It’s Monday all over again

I’m back to editing – actually finishing up the editing – of “Hog Valley”. It’s a fast-moving tale with a few sub-plots and twists, and according to the half-dozen people who have read it in manuscript, it’s even better than … Continue reading

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Life can be messy sometimes

Like this week. I was supposed to be in Shands Surgical Center on Thursday to have the remaining silicon oil removed from my left eye. My sister was going to drive me to the motel from the surgery and stay … Continue reading

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So Monday was the best of this week, so far…

As I mentioned in a previous post, I visited Books, Inc in Gainesville on Monday. They took three copies of The Big Bend and as of yesterday two had been sold. This morning I mailed the last copy I had … Continue reading

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A very busy and (hopefully) profitable day

As I mentioned last week, I had to drive to Shands Medical Center in Gainesville this morning. I will be driving back on Thursday morning for another ‘final’ bit of surgery on my left eye. Not one to waste a … Continue reading

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Back to work – for a day or so, anyway

I was able to get some work done yesterday and today on both “Hog Valley” and “Twisted Key”. “Hog Valley” is strictly editing and rephrasing for clarity. I could deliver the MS tomorrow, but since it has to wait until … Continue reading

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“Do something. Even if it’s wrong, do something”

Have you ever found yourself at a crossroads in your life, and you didn’t know which path to take? Have you ever found yourself dithering, afraid to make a decision not because it might be the wrong decision, but because … Continue reading

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Setting goals is easy

Keeping them is a chromatically variant equine altogether. But we do it anyway. It is nice to have something to shoot for, after all. With a goal, you can occasionally yell “I did it! I did it!” But more often … Continue reading

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