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On Editing and Rewriting

  Editing is a job which is best done by somebody other than the writer. And that somebody should not be one of the writer’s best friends. Unless, of course, the writer finds an editor first and then, recognizing the … Continue reading

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Another scene from “Lonesome Cove” for you

All of the scenes from “Lonesome Cove” I publish now are obviously meant to provoke a mad rush to purchase the novel when it comes out for the Kindle in April and later in the fall in paperback. But with … Continue reading

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Free Download of “Twisted Key” for your Kindle

  I’m working now to promote my novels to new readers before I release “Lonesome Cove” for the Kindle some time around the middle of April. To do that, I am giving away copies of “Twisted Key” to everyone who … Continue reading

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Here’s a short scene from the soon-to-be-released novel, “Lonesome Cove”

  This scene is from the first few chapters, where my intrepid if somewhat clueless main character, Terry Rankin, is just beginning his search for the granddaughter of a forcibly retired (meaning, he’s been in prison for the last twenty-five … Continue reading

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I’ve got a plan…

  Unfortunately, so does everyone else. At least, anyone with half a brain has some sort of plan. The big advantage I’ve got is that my plans are based on knowledge and hard-won experience. You know, the sort where you … Continue reading

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I threatened to fire myself …

— f I didn’t post something today. I’m a  lousy boss and an even worse employee. Or maybe I just lack any motivation. In all truth I have been exceedingly busy pulling my ends together all week long. You know … Continue reading

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The Decks are Clear

  I finally got the ending to “Lonesome Cove” just the way I wanted it and sent it off to the publisher again this morning. “Lonesome Cove” is the fourth novel in my tales from the life of Terry Rankin, … Continue reading

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