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Morgen Bailey

  Morgen Bailey, located in Northampton, England,  has recently set up a new ‘Author’s Interview’s’ blog and reposted (and updated) an interview I did with her a few month’s back. Don’t let her address on the other side of the … Continue reading

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Dreams vs Harsh Reality…

… or, “Be careful what you wish for” I suppose this post is mostly for  writers in the early stages of their chosen career. I’ve written on this subject before, and in those posts I have made a very honest … Continue reading

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Linksys RE1000 Hardware Review

  I have worked in and around computers since 1971. And yes, we did have computers back then. Just to put things in perspective, the Romans had opened the Coliseum only a few years before that, and Chuck Yeager was … Continue reading

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On the Pursuit of Filthy Lucre, and other Worthwhile Endeavors

  Let’s face it; unless you are independently wealthy, or at least supported in the style to which you have become accustomed by someone else, you need to earn enough money to keep body and soul together. And maybe pay … Continue reading

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Write What you Know, Not what you Think

  Just the facts, Ma’am.  Let’s preface a discussion of character description and development with a short digression on facts and the writer’s Life experience (or staggering lack thereof). In fact (so to speak), this is one of my major … Continue reading

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“Lonesome Cove” is now available for purchase

  Here’s the URL for the book page on Amazon: My fourth novel, fully two years’ worth of research, writing, editing and rewriting, is now available for purchase for the Kindle. It is a tale about the search for … Continue reading

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“Lonesome Cove” will be available for the Kindle within the next 24 hours

I completed the last round of edits and checked the formatting for the manuscript this morning. The cover art and the manuscript have been uploaded and the publishing process has begun. Some time in the next 24 hours the novel … Continue reading

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