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It’s Monday all over again

Technorati Tags: Book signings,software I got back to Orange Park on Saturday morning. Doing back-to-back book signings make a lot of sense economically, but it sure is a drag have to do all of that driving in two days. I … Continue reading

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Before I leave

Technorati Tags: Software,book signings,Florida,wish list I’ll be on the road for the next few days. I’ve got a few book signings on Thursday and Friday, and that means a lot of driving in the hot Florida sun. So be it. … Continue reading

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Here’s to a new week

Let’s make the most of it, shall we? I stopped at a local hair cuttery yesterday. Got a haircut and beard trim. This morning I realized it wasn’t such a good haircut, so I went back and pointed out a … Continue reading

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Playing catch up Vs moving down the road to success

I spent Monday getting ready for Tuesday. Tuesday I spent driving all over to heck and gone. First to Gainesville, where I had a checkup with my eye surgeon. He is happy with the way the eye is healing. If … Continue reading

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Authors I really admire

David Weber for his Honor Harrington series, Eric Flint for his Ring of Fire series, Bernard Cornwell for Richard Sharpe (thank you very much!), Dashiel Hammet for being Dashiel Hammet, John D. Macdonald for Travis McGee and the “Busted Flush”, … Continue reading

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Adobe, et al

I like Adobe products. In fact, I own an old version of Adobe Photoshop. I think it’s version 7. I even still have the product key. The other day I started work on the book cover for “Hog Valley”. I’ve … Continue reading

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Twisted Key

I took the day off. Didn’t write a single word.  I watched TV, played solitaire, and did some grocery shopping. And my laundry. “Hog Valley” is press-ready. I do have a bit of work to do on the cover, though. … Continue reading

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All Work And No Play

I really am rather a dull fellow. My only excuse is the trouble with my left eye. It is a sorry excuse indeed for being such a dull fellow, but there you have it. “Don’t lift more than five pounds, … Continue reading

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