Our Nation has been Hijacked

Anyone who knows this blog will tell you that I avoid discussing politics like the plague. And for those readers who are disappointed, please accept my apologies, but I cannot remain silent any longer.

I am terrified by what I see happening in America.

Barak Hussein Obama has bypassed Congress and is ruling through Executive fiat. In November of 2008, immediately following the Presidential election, Valerie Jarrett, then the co-chair of Obama’s Transition team, stated “We will be ready to rule from day one.” Note the use of that word, ‘rule’. It was not used in error; she meant it. President Obama tells the leadership of the House and Senate what he wants and then does whatever he has to do to get it from them.

Everyone in Obama’s Administration has a connection with Obama – either through the Chicago political machine or through the President’s family. While it is not unusual for presidents to bring people he knows and has worked with into an administration, in Obama’s case this practice has resulted in a tightly-knit, clannish and corrupt group of people with no respect for and no interest in the traditional and democratic process in Washington.

And we, the People, seem to have little or no say in the matter.

In March of 2012, Nancy Pelosi stated, “…we have to pass the bill so you can see what’s in it…” referring to the Affordable Care Act, otherwise known as ObamaCare. She said that because there was no deliberation allowed in either the House or the Senate over the details of the Act. The Democrats ‘ruled’ the Congress. Even then, copies of the 2,700 page Act were already circulating around the country and people knew what was in it and were not at all happy. But the Act became Law anyway. Now, in 2013, we only begin to understand just how heavily this law is going to weigh on each and every American family. In and of itself it will place a burden of nearly $2000.00 in additional taxes on every household. Starting this year.

Can you afford that?

You’re to have to, unless you are a Muslim, or a member of a labor union or one of the many organizations/charities that have been granted exemptions.

Last night, at around 12:30 am, Congress voted on the “Fiscal Cliff” Act and made it Law. Now it turns out that rather than protecting middle-class families from additional tax burdens, this new law will add approximately $1,650.00 to the Federal tax burden of families with incomes between $50,000.00 and $200,00.00. It seems that the 2% tax cut is being allowed to expire, you see. It is going to be even worse for the top earners, those with incomes over $500.00; they will see an increase in their taxes amounting to nearly $74,000.00. Again, there was no deliberation over the details of the Act in either the House or the Senate. Yet, again, it was voted into Law. That law deals only with the tax burden and does not contain any provisions for reduction of the national debt of over 16 trillion dollars.

Can you afford that, too? Because you’re going to get it.

Those are the bookends to Obama’s first four years of ‘rule’. Throughout those four years, Obama has made a habit of referring to Republicans in particular and fiscal conservatives of any stripe as ‘the enemy’. For that is how he sees them. Republicans and fiscal conservatives are in his way, and he will beat them down.

Ours is a bicameral form of government; members of the House of Representatives (435 members) are elected by small groups of citizens in each State and must run for re-election every two years, and so are much more closely attuned to the will and needs of the people they represent. Members of the Senate (100 members, 2 from each State), on the other hand, only run for re-election every six years and are, therefore, more closely aware of the needs of their State and the Federal government. Both the House and the Senate can introduce a Bill for consideration, which must then move through both the House and the Senate, where it will be considered and amended in a deliberative process several times before it is voted into Law.

That is how the business of governing has been carried out since the first days of our Nation. It is slow and cumbersome and in many ways open to corruption. It is also open to correction.

But it does not work for the Administration of Barak Hussein Obama; he does not trust the deliberative process to serve his ends and in fact he distrusts capitalism and a free-market economy. Obama grew up as a Socialist, as a Marxist, and was educated by anti-capitalists and anti-colonialists all though his years in school, both here in the States and abroad. If you were to ask Obama for a list of the people he has come to admire he would give you Saul Alinsky, Bill Ayers, Frank Marshall Davis, Jeremiah Wright and Anita Dunn. There would be many others names on that list, and they would all have the same qualities and characteristics; they would all be anti-capitalist, anti-colonialist revolutionaries and adherents to Black Liberation theology.

Oddly enough, the members of his Administration would give you the same list.

Much of Obama’s power base is drawn from three sources; minorities, unions and wealthy liberal/socialists. Minorities of any stripe find support from Obama in the form of entitlements and in return give him their votes to ensure the entitlements do not dry up. Many members of minority groups are unemployed, underemployed or unemployable; they are on the public dole permanently.

Richard Trumpka, a self-avowed Communist and the President of the AFL-CIO is in frequent telephone conversations with Barak Obama. In February of 2011, Trumka stated, “I’m at the white House a couple times a week — two, three times a week. I have conversations every day with someone in the White House or in the administration. Every day.”

Andrew Stern graduated from the University of Pennsylvania in 1971 (the same years as Richard Trumpka). In 1996 he was elected to the Presidency of the Service Employees International Union (SEIU), and held that post for fourteen years. Both before and after that time Andrew Stern allowed his socialist leanings to blossom. In 2008, he ensured that the SEIU would support Obama’s election with over $60 million dollars contributed to the campaign. During the first year of Obama’s Presidency, Andrew Stern was a visitor to the White House on 22 separate occasions.

The teachers unions supported Obama, as well, through both of his election campaigns.

But perhaps this is all sour grapes on my part; my guy lost. Ordinarily I would agree with you, shrug it off and go back to doing what I do best; dream up stories and write them down. But there is nothing, absolutely, nothing ordinary about Barak Hussein Obama and his Presidency.

I have no wish to apportion blame to one party or another; to my way of thinking, both are at fault for the state in which we find ourselves today. In fact I would go so far as to say they feed off one another. Congress has not passed a budget in four years; yet Congress holds the purse strings for the government. It is the duty of Congress to pass laws, establish a budget and allocate (or deny) funds. The Executive Branch of our government, headed by the President, has the job of carrying out the will of the Congress.

Not the other way ‘round. But as I stated earlier, this is no ordinary Presidency, and this is no ordinary President.

At the end of 2008, the national Debt stood at a bit (relatively speaking) over 10 trillion dollars. That was a result of all Presidencies since George Washington, though two world wars, and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan did not help matters any. War is a very messy and very expensive affair, and only rarely is it worth the cost in lives and treasure.

But since taking over the Presidency in 2009, Barak Obama has increased the national Debt to over 16 trillion dollars. It has gotten so bad that our ability to borrow money has become very limited. To work around that problem, Obama has instructed the Treasury to begin printing money; it’s called ‘Quantitive Easing”, which is a fallacious term created to make a bad move look good. Sort of like putting lipstick on a pig.

What Quantitive Easing actually does is to reduce the purchasing value of every dollar you and I earn; that can only drive up the price for every item we purchase.

That is called inflation, and we are right at the beginning of another period of inflation. Top that off with all of the new taxes coming our way over this next year (never mind what will happen next year or the year after that) and you will be very hard put to cover your debts every month. What money you do bring home (your wages after taxes) will buy less at the grocery store and the gas pump, you will have even less available to cover your insurance and utility bills and they will be going up as well.

All providers of goods and services will see their operating costs climbing at the same time they find their ability to finance their operating costs decreasing due to the new taxes they will have to pay.

You will be able to count yourself among the truly fortunate if you still have a job at the end of this year.

But just how fortunate will you be, truly? As more workers lose their jobs due to rising costs to the employers, more of the tax burden will fall on a smaller and smaller number of workers.

Eventually – and I mean some time real soon now – many of the small business owners are going to close their doors in order to avoid all of the additional taxes the Obama Administration h scheduled to appear this year. In an environment where success is punishable by taxation, why bother working to succeed?

But Barak Obama claims to be the protector of the Middle Class. Everybody (including Barak Obama) says so. Yet every decision he has made over the last four years can only have one goal; the utter dissolution of the Middle Class in America.

That means you; your life as you know it, and the lives and the futures of your children.

Barak Hussein Obama is a socialist, an anti-capitalist and anti-colonialist. Even during his campaign in 2008 he stated that his goal is to fundamentally transform America.

He is. He didn’t say you would like it.

You cannot have a Socialist State where you have a strong and independent middle class. Barak Obama has to destroy the middle class in America, and that can only be done by destroying the economic system on which that class depends for its income.

That means you have to go. Either into poverty, where you become dependent on the government for your food and medical care and liable to the government for your labor, or you leave the country. In no case will you be allowed to retain your home, your fine schools, your fine medical care and fine clothes. Nobody will show up at your door and demand you relinquish these things; simply put, you will not have the funds to support them. You will lose them through defaulting on your debts, just as many already have lost their homes and cars through foreclosure and seizure.

It is happening now, and it will only get worse over the next year or so.

We as a nation and as individuals are being forced into bankruptcy by the very people we elected to lead us. This is not being done through error or ignorance of the consequences; it is deliberate.

And I am sickened by it.





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