Uniblue software – scam or not, don’t touch it

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This is one I will warn you against. I’ve been propositioned by them before and seen their adds on the internet in several places, as most of you have. So the other day I went to their web site – www.uniblue.com , downloaded the software and ran the demo version of their “SpeedUpMyPC” application. Now, I use a lot of software and I don’t mind trying out new apps. I’ll even buy a license for one if it does what I need it to do.

So I paid out the $25.95 off my credit card and registered the product. Along with their “SpeedUpMyPC” I received their “System Tweaker” app as a bonus. When I ran the (now) registered version of  their SUMPC app the first time, things began to go south in a big way.

First, I found that well over half of the icons on my desktop had disappeared. Then I learned that I was now locked out of my desktop and could not make any changes.

When I went to the Start menu (I work in Win XP/SP3) I learned to my horror that my formerly well-populated All Programs menu showed only six applications (why those six in particular? Who knows?).

When I tried to check the Properties of the Start menu, a message bar appeared notifying me that due to restrictions on the computer I had to contact my Administrator. I am the administrator – or, I thought I was until Uniblue decided otherwise.

My printer software has disappeared entirely. Nothing in the program files, even after reinstalling the software, and no desktop icons.

I have not yet had any luck in repairing the damage to my system, though I can still use what has not been damaged or what I have not been locked out of.

No amount of “Tweaking” using the Uniblue apps would restore things to the way they were.


Here’s the complaint email I sent them this morning:

My biggest gripes with SpeedUpMyPC – there is insufficient interaction with users:


1. Removed Desktop Icons without Asking User

2. Removed programs from All Programs list without asking the user

3. There is no option to restore lost items to the desktop or to the All Programs list

Perhaps of greater concern:

1. There is no option to prevent the software from operating in the background. On systems with limited RAM – 1 gigabyte or less – this can seriously hamper the operation of the computer.

2. Even after deleting Uniblue software from Start Menu the software, the next time you run SpeedUpMyPC the software
will reset itself to run in the background.

3. In the menu bar of the software, under the Settings Menu, there is no option to prevent software from operating without users authorization.


1. While the software will speed up your PC, it is way too aggressive in the decisions it makes.

2. This software could only benefit by giving the user more options.

3. I am taking advantage of the  30-day money back guarantee for this software.


I received an automated reply about ten minutes later and escalated the issue. Later this afternoon I received a notice that my refund had been credited back to my account. I haven’t seen it yet, but I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt and wait until tomorrow morning to see if it has actually been credited back.

Needless to say, the Uniblue software has been removed from my system and will not be reinstalled, ever.

In the meantime. I cannot recommend this company’s software to anyone for any reason.

A very brief Google search on the word ‘uniblue’ will give you plenty of reason for concern. I am only one user, on one computer; however, it appears there are many others who have similar stories to relate. Whatever the reason for the poor performance of the software – scam, incompetence, a sad lack of organizational skills or whatever, I cannot recommend this software to anyone.


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